Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TV Tuesday

The nude fairy flasher got eliminated on The Bachelor...
Lucy was upbeat , as she exited .
Juan Pablo is trying his best to find a mom for his kid.  He seems to be drawn to Sharleen , the opera singer..
High falootin Sharleen has somehow ended up on the TV show ,The Bachelor, despite her upscale and above it all lifestyle...... and her above everyone attitude.  She acts as though she doesn't want to be on the show and that she cant believe that she is being forced to be on the show....
Gimmie a break lady....you have no where else to turn
I do think that Juan is taken with her. Maybe he will crack her code.
My pick for the final three...Elise, Sharleen, and Nikki

Housewives of Beverly is getting more stupid every season.  It is really amazing how dumb and out of touch with the rest of the world that these Hollywood wenches are.
Kyle was so coy and appeared so shocked at one of the girls (Brandi) blurting out the word vagina out loud at dinner....
Really?.... Kyle?....You must get out of your bubble more....
We here in hodunk USA  are teaching our preschooler sprouts that word  (courtesy of your wacko friends in high places) 
What I really think they need to do is go to a semi small city in the US  and do a show about somewhat normal women....."Folk" as our leader likes to call us.
SO ...tonight  Justified  and Dance Moms.
I taped Flowers In The Attic, but still cant bring myself to push   PLAY.....Am I slipping?

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Bee Lady said...

Slipping? Doesn't sound like it from the Reality Wrap-up you just gave us. fairies and idiots....no wonder I have an antenna!

Cindy Bee