Saturday, April 30, 2016

Greetings From Nowhere

HI Blog Babes,
It has been a long time since my last post. here in Crumbletown Midwest is rolling along.
I continue to progress into old age , hence the peri-menopause issues and the intro of new BP meds
The hormones wifting through the vents on the OB unit  are screwing with me, for sure.
 The blood pressure has probably been going on for awhile...I  was in denial, and ...well ...i really don't like to go to the doctor,  said the RN to her therapist.
I have been totally watching my TV as usual .  I really love TV....Why?..I don't know, but i do.
Speaking of showbiz...What did you all think of the passing of Prince?   I liked him back in the 80s.
Someone at work told me that Prince didn't like elevators.  Hmmm...So why was he on the elevator?  Suspicious?
Also...while on the topic of Showbiz...I am sick of Hollywooders putting out  dumb opinions about politics...They like to talk about how the rules on taxes, jobs, freedom, gun control should be enforced upon "us" (not them...of course)...because they will always have a stash of cash and guns protecting them against the crazies.   Their "working for a living" is totally different from us  Hodunks in the middle . Their freedom is a lot easier....financially anyway.
Hardly ever do you hear of any Hollywood star's kids going off to the military , fighting in wars, working in a factory, becoming nurses, teachers, plumbers, etc.
 BTW... when did they fight for anything (other to stay sober) Don't get me started.
I wish all of the weirdos that say they will move out of the United States, if they don't get their way, would leave soon.
Do you think if they read this blog that they would want to live this life?
I have to work my 12 hour shift tonight, pick up a couple of mini Birthday cakes at the Marsh Grocery on the way, sleep a bit tomorrow, wake up , drink my coffee, and take my  28 year old Birthday girl out to Olive Garden for dinner.
Speaking of food.....
Did you hear that McDonald's is changing the chicken (wink wink) nuggets?

Here is a local Police Scanner report from Thursday night in Crumbletown.  Just a little tidbit to tempt one into moving to my town
Scanner >>>
<<<< Suspicious man in parking lot , undressing, yelling at cars.  900 Block of N. Washington St.  Family Dollar.....Suspect is now attempting to climb into the drive thru window at Kentucky Fried Chicken>>>>>>

Oy Vey...The simple life...indeed.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Reality Recap

Midlife Crisis Meri on Sisterwives is melting down quickly.  After that Catfish prank,  things have pretty much gone to  Hell in a hand basket.
Cody showed his behind again as a standoff between he and one of his older sons took place, in last nights episode.
Psssst...It was about discipline ...and the lack of good parenting on Cody's part (according to the son)
 An off the cuff remark by the disgruntled adult male child to the cameras about dear ole Dad followed....
"Cody (dad) knows everything and is the "almighty" is what reality  TV is all about.
BTW  Robyn had her ultrasound of Brown baby #18 and i just know it wanted to make Meri puk!!!

On 90 day FiancĂ©  the Jamaican transport announced to his American nurse finance about his plans to send 90% of his (their) money back to his family in Jamaica ......HAhaha   I saw the wheels a turnin in her
So ...Did anyone see Jessica Simpson on QVC selling her clothes???
The rumor is..... that she was either drunk or stoned during the show.....I have read that she was drinking a lot of wine in the green room prior to shooting...She did appear to be really tired and her speech was slow and slurred.  I watched the whole thing from my Tempurpedic and i knew, while watching, that the fall out would come....Poor kid...And, look at what the Paparazzi is already doing to her.  Um......Her toes are creeping out of her shoes....Not good. ....Sorry J.


Hallmark Movie Channel (HMM and Hallmark) 
To be used responsibly. 
To brighten the Chrismas mood, cause one to feel warm in the heart and or just for fun
1 Hallmark Movie every other day (no more than 3 a week)
Do not start this treatment in early November...It could lead to early burn out.
Use with extreme caution if you have a history of the Christmas blues, are currently menstruating , have peri menopausal mood swings or have a detached family.(these movies will not make these things better....just sayin)
Side Effects:
Lack of energy
Early Christmas Decorating Syndrome
Sudden Sadness (when reality hits)
Feelings of false euphoria
Possible wgt. gain (from inactivity)
Do not substitute this channel with other Holiday movies if experiencing these could intensify side effects....

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Shrek Falls For Boots

I went to visit a friend in Michigan last week for a little outlet shopping.  You know?
  Christmas shopping for "others"  HA!!
Turned out to be a one man show on my part....I am so greedy sometimes.
There we were.... in Macy's, looking at some really cute tops, and a stern but sweet little sales associate  asks us if we needed help.  
We replied in our well rehearsed shopping response ...."No thanks...We're just looking!!!!" (smiling of course)
She then, informed us......
" Ummmm.....This is the PETITES."  
She said it as if we were a couple of giants that had aimlessly wandered into the wrong fairy kingdom of Petites.  
She might as well of said ...."Hey! .....Shrek 1 and Shrek 2....Get out of the Petites!!!"

 Mind you, just before we were removed from the Petites, I had taken  a fall in the Timberland outlet store while reaching for a pair of size 8 boots on the bottom shelf.   
I was still a little frazzled.
I mean..... my ankle turned...and down i went!!!!  It was the kind of fall that you know you aren't gonna recover from and you just go down by choice.
Anyway a good day...Lots of good buys and good laughs.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Going To War

I am fixed on these combat boots by Timberland.   
They are in my online shopping cart ....I want to push "check out" so bad.

Then.......I get to thinking.    
I am 50 years old.
Am i cool?...Really?
Where the H i think i am going?   
For some reason,  i think i will look really cool in these.  I blame Pinterest fashion category for these surges of weird thoughts of thinking i am "cool"...not ...."uncool" (as Luanne DeLeseppes , from Housewives, would say)
Sigh....I mean,  i can picture myself in a zombie apocalypse battling and surviving in these black boots.  
Ya know?  
With a rifle slung over my shoulder and a revolver in the back of my war dirty combat pants,  as i make my way through the war torn countryside to get "supplies", taking out Zombies with blows to their rotting heads, as i go.
But then again...Maybe i could just wear them with a pair of jeans and some cozy socks into Crumbletown. (aka Kokodunk)
In fact...the more i think about it... What am i thinking???!!....I AM in the Zombie Apocalypse!!!!
Just go sit in the parking lot at any local Speedway, Walmart, Dollar Tree, 
Damn!....I am getting them. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello Blogettes
As Fall arrives,  my love for QVC grows.   I have just put another order in.  They make it easy.
Ya just dial, and push the button prompts're done.  They have all the Christmas stuff out as well...Just draws ya in.
I sure am cozy in my new recliner.  It's my first Lazy Boy.  Knitting, QVC,  reality TV, music,  etc
I am busy knitting up fingerless mitts for Christmas.

You wanna know who irritates me???
Answer:  Dr. Phil.
 His new giant white board is weird.....Like he is trying to teach us.
 I also want to know why his wife Robyn has nothing else to do, except go to the taping of the show.

Speaking of teaching.....I picked up a book at the bookstore the other day and looked at the new CORE Math for  Pre K and Kindergarten ...I was just curious, because i want to start helping with the grand kids.
Holy Short Bus Batman!!!!!
What has happened to us?   Who decided that this was best for the kids?  It is crazy, and i suspect that the confusion is on purpose....Just saying...Dumb everyone down.

In The Kitchen With David tonight on QVC.
American Horror Story ( sickening show...but I'm in)
Derailed tonight on LMN    It is a good movie

BTW...I do have a life....somewhat :(   I work all weekend ....if that counts.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Sister Wives Play

Sister wives are whack ....just sayin.
Everyone in the fam-dam was on pins and needles while they prepared to go to court to fight for Cody, the dufus, to adopt Robins weirdo kids.
Cody just makes me sickly.
And....what about their real dad?

Does Meri even talk anymore?   She hasn't spoken...She just sits on the couch and acts weird.   Something is up.  I can feel her bitterness seeping through my TV screen.

Meri was just on the computer and a text came in on her phone...I bet it was from that fake love interest that fooled

Isn't that the towhead  kid that went into kidney failure from dehydration whilst sick with the Christine played on her laptop?

Oh brother.....On to 90 Day Fiancé.